Grassroots & Advocacy Organizing

Grassroots & Advocacy Organizing
  • TerraScapes provides focused, decisive, and successful grassroots outreach, advocacy, and lobbying for non-profits, community groups, and the public and private sector.
  • TerraScapes works passionately on your campaign. With over fifteen years of experience advocating for organizations in VA and MD, we pride ourselves in delivering solutions to your problems.
  • Coalition building within the community is our specialty. We will gather coalition partners and VIPs from around the country to help with your project.
  • We advocate at all levels of government, local, state, and federal, stressing the importance of cleaner and greener laws, policies and regulations.
  • Grassroots organizing is not only a job, it is our passion! We create strategies, implement the plan, and deliver results. Our experienced staff successfully coordinates campaigns that raise public awareness, informs policy makers, strengthens coalitions, grows movements, and fosters lasting relationships.
  • We utilize local, state, and national media including online, print, social networking, and radio to strengthen the voice of your campaign.