Moms Clean Air Force: School’s Out Food Drive

During the month of June, Moms Clean Air Force in partnership with the Food Bank will be hosting a local food drive throughout Hampton Roads cities. The main idea behind this food drive is to draw attention to the fact that climate change and global warming causes disruptions in agricultural crop production, thus impacting those relying on those crops or livestock for food!Not to mention the rise in cost this causes. While more and more people are starting to understand the consequences of climate change everyday, this particular issue is one that every person can relate to, despite their belief or lack thereof. Moms Clean Air Force has partnered with many local groups including EVMS, The Commonwealth Brewery, the Brock Environmental Center, Fruitive (pictured below), Croc’s Bistro, Whole Foods, Delegate Stolle’s Office, and Senator Wagner’s Office. We appreciate these partners for taking a stand and caring for the health and welfare of current and future generations. Be sure to check out Moms Clean Air Force’s site to get details on a donation location near you!

School’s Out Food Drive

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