Millennial’s First Election

Its October 2016, leaves are changing colors, temperatures are dropping and election season is upon us! This race has absolutely been one for the books, from countless scandals, to protests, to media frenzies and the first woman running for president. It’s been difficult for even experts to sift through the madness and get to the root of the candidates’ platforms. But have we ever stopped to think about how this could be affecting first time presidential voters, like myself?
Personally it’s been a whirlwind experience and I feel somewhat robbed of a positive election experience I can firmly stand behind. Many peers of mine also feel that the craziness of it all is very off putting, leaving a bitter taste in the mouth of the millennial voter. The attention span of the millennial is often short and difficult to catch, so it is extremely easy to lose that all important vote from that demographic. Voting will always be important no matter the age, but this cycle has done quite the number on the opinions of first time voters and it is critical not to lose them in the midst of the madness.
On the flip side of that, the election has made many of us extremely revved up and passionate about electing the right leader for our country. One quality many of us, especially at TerraScapes, look for is a candidate in support of a clean and healthy climate for our futures. One that will empower women and break that glass ceiling!

Symone Moore

George Mason University

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