Millennial’s First Election: A Follow Up

On election night I remember watching the numbers slowly slip. Then a sense a denial began to set it, all of us in the room just knew Hillary would pull through with more votes at the last moment. Could this really be happening? Denial turned to shock in the purest form, as the announcement was made that Donald J. Trump would be the next president of the United States. Seeing history being made this way and essentially all of our futures being drastically changed before our eyes left my roommates and I in shock, in pain, and sickened at the realization that the hope of breaking the glass ceiling this year was gone.
The next day once we finally found the will to get out of bed and attend a community support meeting the aura on campus was bleak. My college campus is one known for its wide range of diverse students from over 120 countries worldwide, you can imagine how this affects many undocumented students or students here on visa. The meeting was called by student leaders to provide a supportive environment for all upset by election results. On top of talking out initial emotions, there was also plenty of strategic planning on what’s next? Contrary to public opinion millennials know how to mobilize for a cause they care about. If anything, the advent of social media makes it easier to start a movement! It was moving to see multiple groups in the student body plan for future events around political education and social justice issues just to name a few.
This shows that while a country may be split down the middle, most people will not stop fighting for basic human rights and pushing for social justice reform. I have seen this almost frantic mobilization of people in many places, not just on campus, including the environmental community. While social justice issues are at the forefront right now, economic, military and environmental sectors also face new challenges. It’s a critical time for all of us fighting for clean air, water, and resources to make sure this issue is not overlooked in the midst of the caos. As for the millennial voter, it seem everyone processes differently, some will be more involved in politics from now on and some have acquired a heavy distaste for it. Aside from whether the millennial vote will be strong in the next election, we do know however that strong leadership in our communities is on the rise and the voice of the youth will be heard!

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