Mid-Atlantic Ocean Planning Open House

The Mid-Atlantic Regional Planning body (RPB) has designed a draft document known as the Mid-Atlantic Regional Ocean Action Plan that will carry out a regional planning process for New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, New York, and of course Virginia. On July 12th, an open house public hearing/comment was held for the document, attended by TerraScapes organizers Symone Moore and Melinda Truslow. During this event, citizens were encouraged to make comments, ask questions, and make suggestions on the draft. TerraScapes was tasked with gathering enthusiastic environmentalists and ocean lovers galore to let their voices be heard before this monumental draft is finalized. There was a full house thanks to the efforts of many organizations coming together to support regional ocean planning.
Some of the groups and panelists working together included MARCO, the United States Navy, NOAA, the EPA, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Virginia Marine Resources Commission , just to name a few. These groups did a fantastic job at articulating and clarifying the key points of the draft. The draft goes into great detail but a few of the objectives include national security, ocean security, commercial and recreational fishing, ocean aquaculture, maritime commerce and navigation, sand management, nonconsumptive recreation, tribal interests and uses, and critical undersea infrastructure. With these actions we hope to move forward with ocean planning to better manage our ever changing and busy waters.
To make a public comment please visit MidAtlanticRPB@boem.gov

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