FloydFest 2016 Dreamweavin’

What an amazing summer it has been! On July 27-31st, Terra Pascarosa, Melinda Truslow, and a few other dedicated volunteers were lucky enough to table for Moms Clean Air Force at FloydFest 2016 in Floyd, Virginia. Floydfest is a family-friendly world music and arts festival held annually in the Blue Ridge Mountains right off the Blue Ridge Parkway. The festival began in 2002 and features rock, bluegrass, reggae, folk, appalachian, and other world music performers. In addition to music, FloydFest features local artists, foods, dance workshops, yoga lessons, and activities especially for children. Moms Clean Air Force was located on “Participation Row”, a row of non-profit vendors including, but not limited to, Headcount, Clean Energy Advisors, Love Hope Strength, National Parks Conservation Association, and Represent.US.

The key campaign for this year, the “Moms Vote for Clean Air” campaign, encouraged patrons to stay educated about who we are voting for and to choose the most climate-conscious candidate when polls open. Statistically, those who take the personal pledge to vote are more likely to do so! Click here to take your own personal pledge and help protect healthy, safe clean energy!

"I Love Sunshine So I Vote Climate" at FloydFest 2016 Dreamweavin' #GirlsRunTheWorld at FloydFest 2016 Dreamweavin'


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