Terra Pascarosa Duff

Terra in mountains

Terra Pascarosa Duff is the Founder, Owner, and Director of TerraScapes Environmental Consulting.   Terra did not miss her calling, as her given name Terra literally means “earth.” She is the founder of TerraScapes Environmental and a native of Virginia Beach in the Hampton Roads area. Terra received a Bachelor of Science with a major in Geology and a double minor in Environmental Health and Geography from Old Dominion University in 2002.  Terra has over ten years of experience as a geologist and environmental scientist.  She considers herself very blessed to work on projects that enhance and protect the world in which we live.

Terra Pascarosa Duff oversees every project at TerraScapes, from environmental consulting projects to beekeeping, with passion and devotion.  Terra avidly loves everything about the outdoors and wants to ensure future generations have the ability to enjoy the simplicity of nature that she works so hard to protect.

Terra Pascarosa Duff is the Manger of Field Operations for Moms Clean Air Force, volunteer regional coordinator for the Chesapeake Bay Foundation Grasses for the Masses program, a board member of the Chesapeake Bay Restoration Fund Advisory Committee, and member of Congressman Scott Rigell’s Chesapeake Bay Advisory Board.

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  1. Terra, Hope you remember Taunya Ring Garber (Me, throw back to the past) I was thinking of you and hope all is well! Send me a quick catch up message.

    1. OMG! I think of you often and my Mom was asking about you not too long ago! What is your email or phone number Mama and where do you live!
      Would love to see you! XOXOXO

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