CMA CGM (America) LLC Environmental Fair

On June 7th, CMA CGM held their 7th annual Environmental Fair, which comprised of about 12 different companies/agencies that came together to share their various missions among a common audience. CMA CGM is a massive global entity with their focus on worldwide shipping, what’s even more impressive is their commitment to the environment. They use cleaner burning fuels and more eco-friendly material in their processes. These qualities definitely caught the eye of Moms Clean Air Force!
On behalf of Moms Clean Air Force and TerraScapes Environmental Consulting, Alden Cleanthes, Melinda Truslow, and Symone Moore attended the event, tabling for Moms Clean Air Force. During the event the ladies advocated for the #GetOutTheVote campaign, urging attendees to pledge to vote for a clean, safe, and healthy future for the ones they love, which includes #cleanenergy initiatives. The idea behind this is that when someone makes a pledge to take action they are more likely to actually do so! The attendees were mostly CMA CGM workers, and they were a fantastic demographic for this campaign, so enthusiastic and on board with the mission. Around 200 #GetOutTheVote pledge cards were signed during the event, getting Moms Clean Air Force that much closer to their goal of 500,000 pledges!

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