Clean Energy Business Showcase

Clean Energy Business Showcase

Solar Services, Virginia Beach, VA

Feb. 09, 2012, 6:00-9:00 PM

Solar Services and Virginia Clean Cities, along with other groups, sponsored the Clean Energy Business Showcase on Thursday, February 9, 2012 to discuss the importance of clean energy investments to the U.S. and Virginia. More than sixty Virginia clean energy stakeholders, businesses, engineers, local elected officials, university members, media and interested citizens gathered at Solar Services.

Terra Pascarosa Duff moderated the event and introduced each speaker.  Ben Duff explained the Clean Energy Program and Clean Energy Business Network (CEBN). Ben asked the attendees to take an action on fuel efficiency by submitting comments on the computers we provided, as well as join the CEBN.

Richard Good, President of Solar Services, presented the Clean Energy Investment and Jobs presentation.  Jamison Walker, Program Coordinator of Virginia Clean Cities, spoke about the Virginia Clean Cities program and the importance of clean energy initiatives in VA.  Bill Durrett, a representative of Charles Barker Nissan, discussed and described the Nissan Leaf in detail. Terry Langhorne, the president of Viridian Motor Corporation, emphasized bringing clean energy jobs and electric vehicles to VA with his company.  Croc’s Eco-Bistro catered the event.

Upon completion of the presentations/speakers, attendees were able to inspect and test drive the electric cars on site (one Nissan Leaf and three Viridian light electric trucks). Richard Good led a tour through the solar warehouse and Virginia’s first electric vehicle plug-in station.