Asthma and Air Quality Workshop

This community centered asthma and air quality workshop was put on by the Southeast Care Coalition in Newport News, VA on May 21, 2016. Symone Moore represented Moms Clean Air Force at this event. The Newport News area of Virginia is notorious for its air, land, and water pollution because of its many industrial processes and urban surroundings. This venue was a perfect place for a workshop on asthma and children’s health because the residents of the area know all too well of the effects of the surrounding pollution. There were many speakers and attendees at the event; Mary Finley-Brook from the University of Richmond, Angela Harris from All From One, Inc., and Kendyl Crawford from the Virginia Sierra Club. Kendyl gave some great points about how the area has a “legacy of pollution” due to all of the industry that started in the 1800s. This emphasized the message that action has always been needed, and still does! Mary Finley-Brook did a fantastic job of explaining that the toxic releases from the Virginia Beach/Newport News/Norfolk areas are devastatingly high. The area ranks 73 out of 893 urban areas in the country for toxic release per square mile, who would have thought! One of the leaders of the workshop, Angela Harris, had a very moving moto when is comes to caring for children in the community, “it’s not a black, thing, it’s not a white thing, it’s a right thing!” This really tied together the message that even though pollution is often an issue for minority and low income areas, it is the responsibility of all to take action for future generations! The final portion of the talk, was when 12 local children came out and gave a very cute, heartwarming, and factual presentation on how to interpret the Air Quality Index Chart. Having the children present throughout the event was an everlasting reminder of who this is all for. For all of their hard work and dedication, the EPA presented each child with a desktop computer system to take home, so they can continue their great work as environmental activists! It was a heartfelt ending to a great workshop full of people willing to do what it takes to protect future generations


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