Advanced Energy Economy (AEE) Virginia Launch Meeting

TerraScapes Environmental attended the AEE Launch on Thursday, January 26, 2012. We would like to provide you with an update regarding the AEE Virginia launch last Thursday in Richmond. In attendance, were nearly 200 people from every aspect of our state’s private and public sectors – executives from Virginia-based energy technology companies, local and state agencies, higher education and advocacy organizations. In general, the outcome and response has been positive with broad-base support for the AEE Virginia concept.

The goal and intention was to communicate an overarching vision for the effort and eventual organization that would focus on developing and growing advanced energy industries throughout Virginia; in essence, a (501(c)(3)) economic development focused non-profit. The purpose of the launch was to present this vision and highlight some specifics associated with how this effort and organization would or could work to accomplish its goals. To learn more, please visit

Below are links to most of the presentations from the launch. We hope you are as excited about AEE Virginia as we are and look forward to hearing your feedback and thoughts. Please contact David Dusseau at (434) 566-0117 or with any questions, thoughts or comments regarding AEE Virginia, joining the steering committee or getting more involved.

AEE Virginia Presentation (David Dusseau) –
Dominion Resources GreenTechnology Incubator (Robert Skunda) –
Economic Development (John Provo) –
Bioenergy / Biomass (Benjamin Thorp) –
VA Energy Efficiency Council (Cynthia Adams) –
Offshore Wind / VOW Coalition (Sally McNeilan) –

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