EPA Hearings Clean Power Plan Play-In

Play-In for Climate Change at the EPA Hearings for the Clean Power Plan

Washington, DC

July 29, 2014


The message at EPA headquarters in Washington DC on January 29th and 30th about the proposed Clean Power Plan was clear and simple, as hundreds of citizens from the District of Columbia, Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, Delaware, and Pennsylvania asked the administration to keep moving forward to reduce carbon pollution from power plants and clean up our air.  Those citizens were joined in calling on the administration to #ActOnClimate by a state Governor (Markell of Delaware), at least four U.S. Senators (Markey, Merkley, Cardin, and Sanders), Congresswoman Enshoo, a retired Brigadier General, Reverend Lennox Yearwood and Reverend Delman Coates, representatives of the Green Latinos, Latino Victory Project, NAACP, and Green for All, doctors and physicians from places like John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, a Virginia State Delegate, veterans, ministers, business executives, moms, children, and many other community and environmental leaders.  Those strong, united voices overwhelmed the limited opposition from dirty energy interests and their allies in Congress by nearly 10-1, with more than 300 people formally testifying to EPA in support of their proposal.
From the morning prayer vigil covered in the New York Times (with great pictures of the bike banners and blow up globes too!) to the press conference and rally with more than 250 attendees, the morning of the 29th was a success.  Our support was so overwhelming on social media that #ActOnClimate was the #1 trending topic on Twitter that day in the DC area.  Huge thanks are due to the dozens of people who pulled together for a long month of organizing and arranging such a successful event.  We received thank yous from Janet McCabe, Senators Cardin, Markey, and Merkley, and many folks who participated and were able to attend because of our work.
Sample of press clips:

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